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Alumni Public Relation Officer
BSHRM Batch 2013
Councilor –District 2
Muntinlupa City

I can consider my four years in West Bay College as an HRM student as the best years of my life. I had some cooking experience which gained for me the calling as the “Tokneneng Councilor of Alabang”, feeding food for the poor and giving nourishment to the children. Currently, I am serving my constituents here in Muntinlupa as a district councilor. The knowledge and skills I’ve gained from West Bay College helped me to reach out to people and build my confidence. I can never underestimate the encouragement emanating from the people I serve. This source of power contributed a lot to my being a successful politician and at the same time a successful housewife.

Alumni Marine Representative
BSMT Batch 2001
(WBC Partime Maritime Professor)

I chose West Bay College because of a simple dream – to become a ‘Captain’ of a ship someday. Since West Bay is highly known as a maritime school I decided to pursue my studies and took up Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT) in this institution. The curriculum was very comprehensive and relevant to my field of interest, and the facilities (equipped with the latest technology) were very conducive for the search of knowledge, and equipped me with the essential knowledge and skills to meet the challenges and realities of the Maritime world.

During my years of stay at West Bay, I experienced a lot of difficulties and hardships. I was a working student. I worked as a janitor in our school and took a job as a service crew in a fast food chain in order to support myself and to sustain my studies.

I came from a poor family, but it didn’t prevent me from pursuing my dream. I kept telling myself that someday things will get better, and all the difficulties are just but temporary. It was worth the patience and the hard work to achieve that dream – and now I have fulfilled my dream as
the ‘Captain of the ship’.

I was right in choosing West Bay College. I trusted my abilities and I chose to pursue my dream and success.

I am thankful to my alma mater which molded my character and taught me to remain strong and steadfast to face whatever challenges that come in my life. I thank my family who supported me in all the ups and downs. Above all, I thank my God who guided and strengthened me amidst my struggles in life, and inspired me to search for the meaning and the purpose of my life – to love and to be loved.

Alumni President
BSBA Major in Marketing Batch 2001
Philippine Vending Corporation
Business Development Officer – South Luzon
(WBC Partime Professor)

When I reflect on my College years at West Bay College, I can conclude that the knowledge and experience I gained made me a better person, prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career through the support of my professors, my classmates and my alma matter which provided the quality education beyond my expectations.

I believe that the more you go to school, the more you have chances in life, and choosing West Bay will lead you in the right path. WBC for me stands for W-elcoming the opportunity, B-elieving in your dreams, C-ourage and faith that God will lead you to be wise and strong for the future life battles.