The Women of the Philippine Maritime Industry (Part 1) | #BinibiningMarina

For many years it has been a misconception that the maritime industry is for men and that BS Marine Transportation and BS Marine Engineering, are courses for young boys. Not everybody knows that there are a number of women in the maritime field who excel in this male-populated industry.

For National Maritime Week, we have decided to shed light on the strong and brilliant women that West Bay College has had the honor of educating. From current students to alumni, these women make us proud!

Rosemida Paker, 18, BS Marine Engineering

“Growing up I knew my capabilities academically were good specially in the field of science and mathematics. In my high school days, Boy Scout of the Philippines was my major club. Due to that, I learned many thing such as swimming, knot tying, first aid and others. My teacher once said that I could enter any Engineer course at ease and that time I realized that why not, become a seafarer? So, I decided to choose BS Marine Engineering as my course in college as a challenge for myself to gain more knowledge not only theoretically but also through experience.”

“Women might be gentle and sometimes incapable of doing heavy work but we are also organized and systematic in nature. Nowadays, women can stand whether they are in land, air and also at sea. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be able to knock on the door of opportunities in the world of the maritime industry and I believe women in this century are qualified to enter this world. Sex is just an identification and women’s capabilities are the qualifications.”

“In physical means, I am short in height and underweight but it does not mean that I am less capable of things that men can do. I may not excel in physical work but I do my best in academics. Exerting more effort in everything to achieve great results while being optimistic everyday is my strength that no one can take from me. Being a woman doesn’t make me less than a man. I persevere to prove myself not to my parents nor to anyone but to myself as a woman that will one day be successful in this industry full of men.”

“Women empowerment is when women are able to walk not behind men but beside them. Women have roles and we can achieve the true empowerment when women are recognized to be equal to man. We must believe that we are not just women but we are people that deserve equal treatment and judgement from anyone. However, belief is not enough, we must work now and take action today to conquer things we might not able to do and try to get ourselves out of our comfort zone. Remove the thoughts, “I am afraid of…” and “I am not good in this…” because if we strive harder, we can do not just good nor best but the great result from what we believe.”

OIC NW-Rose Lyn Bartolata, 22, BS Marine Transportation Batch 2017

“When i was young, i’ve always  dreamt of becoming a  Lady Captain one day. It all started when I boarded a ship and I saw a group of people in uniform looking cool and walking with pride. Then I heard people saying they were the officers of that cruise ship. I was amazed and since then I wished to be like them, but what caught my eye more was the man leading the group, he walked with power and humility and people passing by eagerly greeted him a nice morning with a smile. He was the captain. I was inspired since then so I took up Maritime studies to work onboard a ship.”

“The Maritime industry offers good and professional jobs that women should also entertain, that being said the Maritime Industry has been always a male dominated world. Women with courage and a bold personality should not hinder themselves specially if they dream to work in such an environment.”

“My strength and my pride is none other than “being a woman” because being a woman on board a ship is not easy and that means “me” being on board makes me strong already.”

“Women empowerment is when the abilities of women are not being taken for granted but instead having the chance to take the lead in everything they do.”

Jhosaia Caraso Custodio, 20, BS Marine Transportation

“I chose this course because this is rare for women. It may be a male-dominated one but I still wish to be a great Captain of a ship someday. I strongly yearn for this ambition it is on the top of my list.”

“More women should be a part of the maritime industry. There is a huge opportunity for women in the  maritime sector, especially since demand for seafarers is increasing while supply is decreasing. I believe that women can bring new knowledge in the maritime Industry.”

“I’m proud to be female at this age because we are fearless. I am courageous and hard working.  We, women, should be able  to stand up  for what we believe in, no matter what.”

“I believe that women empowerment is accepting and allowing women who are on the outside of the decision making  process into it. It is allowing them control over the strategic life choices that affect them and allow them to access equal opportunities to fully realize their capacities.”
Giving these women a platform to share their experiences is important to West Bay College. We look forward to seeing more women given the same opportunities in the maritime industry. All these women are certified #BinibiningMarina, a woman with strength, character and determination to achieve excellence in the maritime field.
To be continued in part 2…