West Bay College Opens Up a World of Opportunities | #WBCStories

There have been many students that have walked through the halls of West Bay College with great big hopes and dreams. It’s one thing to dream and another to live that dream in real life. Today we hear the story of Arlene Carangalan — a graduate of AB Psychology at West Bay College in 2004. She graduated Cum Laude and was at the top of her class. It’s been 16 years since and she tells us her story.

WBC wasn’t part of the choices because I perceive it as a high-priced institution. Yet, when some people visited our High School, then Pedro E. Diaz High School, I got the idea of trying out my chance to land to any scholarship spot just to make it possible for me to study. My hopes were not too large then and my focus of applications were state universities until I was told by WBC that I got in successfully. My hopes became bigger than ever!

As I have studied in public schools from primary to secondary levels, I have always dreamed of studying in a private institution such as WBC. I was granted scholarship and as we all say, the rest is history. 

West Bay College, Inc. opened the opportunity for me to acquire an education that suits my best qualities as an individual. I thought of another course but they guided me well on what course matched my capacity and I cannot thank them more for doing so. Now, I have used my learning and skills to passionately work on something I love doing.

Everything in College is something you will always remember, I supposed. Meeting various co-students and professors have been part of the entire DNA. But graduating as Cum Laude was a game changer for me. Opportunities in the field human resource especially in Training and Development were fields I got in easily. But prior to that I even ventured into becoming a Data Analyst. I landed to a job 1 month after graduation. I am now in my 4th company but since my first job, I haven’t been out of job.

I moved to Human Resource works where I was exposed to recruitment, employee relations but quite longer in the training and development field. However, I wasn’t only dedicated to the field of human resource but was deployed to handle multiple projects in Sales, Marketing, CSR and some Business Development efforts.  

16 years after, now, I am part of one of the leading Japanese car manufacturing company. I am fond of travelling domestic and international locations. I have travelled major cities of the Philippines and nine (9) countries – Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hongkong, Thailand and Taiwan, for personal and business-related trips. Travelling made me learn so much about people, places and culture. There is so much to learn from each other and I think that’s where Psychology is – learning the dynamics of how people are able to connect and interact. 

Whatever you start, don’t stumble and finish strong! The good education you will get from WBC will surely give you enough FOUNDATION to succeed in your chosen field(s). Support the foundation with hard work, dedication and passion and SUCCESS will be organic. Specialize but do not limit yourself. Be open to changes and challenges. Widen your horizon. The world is so much bigger out there. Opportunity is given to those who are ready and courageous to accept it.”